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Q-Pulse is a fully integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System that allows food businesses to manage quality, food safety and multi-standard compliance with ease. It helps reduce the pressure on the technical and quality department whilst ensuring the rest of the business is involved in the key areas of Quality and Safety. Q-Pulse also provides crucial management information that helps with continuous improvement and the key task of identifying repeat issues that need to be engineered out of the business. For more information please contact us.


Gael Risk: Gael Risk is a cloud based solution that enables organisations to remove the overhead of risk assessments. Operating in a highly visual fashion, using the tried and tested BowTie methodology, Gael Risk gives a highly efficient and effective method of Identifying and Managing Risk. In addition, the system enables Risks to be managed in real time by the food business. Gael Risk can significantly reduce the time spent carrying out risk assessments by allowing the business to focus on 'risk outages' flagged as a result of changes such as overdue document reviews, supplier reviews and changes. It also ensures that any gaps in prevention and recovery controls are identified. To learn more about Gael Risk please contact us.


Mind Genius: Mind Genius is a super productive mind mapping tool that is extremely effective in planning, brain storming and recording domain information. Fast and efficient information entry and organisation means that ideas and information can be quickly captured and then transformed into plans, presentations and even projects through its GANTT feature. Using mind mapping as a technique is a cultural mind-set that helps drive productivity and creativity in your organisation. It helps provide the impetus and direction to get things done in an agile manner that makes sense to everyone. Please contact us to learn more.

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Gael Academy: Gael Academy is Gael's e-learning platform that helps with training, adoption and on-going learning on all aspects of Q-Pulse, Gael Risk and Mind Genius. In addition it has training courses on Quality and Safety Management that help ensure that your organisation can stay on top of the core issues affecting your business.



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