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Share data or risk another horsemeat crisis: FSA

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Walk the Safe Line

Lab-grown meat may solve food security crisis

Unannounced audits will become the norm

'Wallpaper' sparks botulism food safety fears

Question mark hangs over quality of BRC safety audits

Meat coatings to replace plastics

Active way to ensure food safety.


Elliott Review (2013). Joining The Pieces – Towards Risk Intelligence

NSF Virtual Consultancy Group Conference (2013) aHead of the Game: Fraud Business Risk Intelligence

NSF Consultancy Group Launch Conference ( 2013) Joining the pieces- Towards Risk Intelligence

Active way to ensure food safety

Food Safety Revolution 2012

Join the pieces towards food safety intelligence - Mind Genius

Pakistan Food Safety Conference 2008- BRC Global Food Safety Standards (Representing BRC).

Association of Meat Inspectors Conference 2007- Official Meat Controls- An FBO Perspective.

Speed to Market 2005- Forming & Maintaining Strategic Relationships with Suppliers to Increase Efficiency & Achieve a Full Product Range.

Veterinary Public Health Association 2003- Food safety for the Red Meat Industry- An Industry Perspective.

Euro Seminar 2002- Factory Environmental Microbiology.

5th International Meat Hygiene Conference 2000- The Impact of Hygiene on Meat Quality.

The Event - Bar Coding, Best Practice & EDI in the supply chain (AIM UK) 1998- Traceability in the Meat Supply Chain.

Kings College London 1993- New products of biotechnology in the food indudtry: Microbiology of fermented vegetable & meat products.

Wessex Applied Microbiologists Symposium 1993- Rapid Methods in the Food Industry.

LFRA Microbiology Panel 1993- Microbiological Requirements of Retailers.

Mercia Diagnostics Seminar 1991- Evaluation of Rapid Methods for the detection of Salmonella.

Organon Teknika closed ELISA Workshop 1990- An evaluation of Salmonella-Tek.


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