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Avoiding egg on your face by reducing risk is key to survival and success. Are yours Scrambled/ Cracked/ Ebryonic/ Hatched/ Fully fledged?

A number of consultancy services are available. No task is too big or too small, we are just keen to help develop your technical business needs.

Curriculum Vitae

  • The ideal tools, techniques and expertise is at your disposal for a one -stop-shop for painless implementation of the BRC Global Food Standard for Food Safety Issue 6. Head Start

The changes may appear straightforward on paper, but demonstration of robust business integration proves more complex.
Unnanounced audits are currently voluntary and probably aspirational for most. How long before this becomes compulsory?

Available Scope:
1) Senior Management Awareness presentation;
2) Guidance documents and Codes of Practice
3) Cross-standard comparisons for multistandard compliance
4) Management System Pack of documents ready for customisation
5) Customisable evidence base including allergen management and security;
6) Technical expertise for customisation and implementation.


Many food businesses are struggling to keep pace with change, let alone make Head Way in the current climate of cutting back on investment and resources . Particularly when the foundations rely on individual heroes in the absence of an embedded quality culture and the challenges lie beyond the scope of the Technical Department, all too often the sole custodian of the system and likely scapegoat in the event of failure.

It is not unusual for food businesses to build systems in response to new requirements from different standards, business owners and individuals, by bolting on an extra process or function. This ad hoc approach may address the immediate issue, but it inevitably leads to overlapping responsibilities, inconsistent processes, duplication of effort and ballooning costs ( kpmg,2012 The Convergence Evolution).

Building business pressures and opportunities include the likelihood of unannounced audits, multiple 2nd & 3rd party standards, contract manufacture is set to double by 2020 and mergers & acquisitions are on the rise. Sustainability is another building pressure- how much more pressure is sustainable?

Relief will come in the shape of the agility to respond to such new pressures, Earned recognition, reduced audit and reporting burden through self-certification by investment in the appropriate technology: Contrary to popular belief that internal control is a burden to budgets and management time, quite the opposite can be true when done correctly. A streamlined, standardised risk management infrastructure, shored up with appropriate technology, can deliver long-term benefits far beyond immediate cost reductions: greater transparency, greater cross-enterprise collaboration, and ultimately greater business value. If a business does not have an agenda for internal control, they need to ask themselves why (Ernst & Young, 2007. From Compliance to Competitive Edge).

Which little pig will you be when the wolf is at the door?

Head Consultancy has vast experience in designing, re-pointing or underpinning the foundations of a sustainable and robust risk-management infrastructure, to pave the way for business success. This has been delivered at an individual site level , across multi-site enterprises and contract manufacturers, fit for business purpose.

This is essential for bridging the gap between compliance and competitive edge, by smoothing the transition from outdated paper-based systems to smarter electronic ones.

These smarter tools are described in HeadCount and their adoption is vital in furthering the Head Consultancy Vision-Food Safety Revolution 2012.

  • Head Space

Investment in development of quality management systems in the food industry is often seen as necessary to achieve compliance and to keep the customer happy.
Benefits of improved cost -efficiency, value and true assurance are seldom achieved for a number of reasons, including lack of senior management commitment, available expertise, resources and systems that don't deliver when under pressure, to protect your business.

Head Space is a management performance assessment which is very distinct from a typical compliance audit and adopts the form of a risk identification process to:
1) Identify any risk gaps and vulnerabilities in key potential business weaknesses.
2)Recommendation and/or implementation of solutions;
3) Recommendations for more cost effective solutions

  • MindGenius

MindGenius banner

is a tried and tested business mind mapping software tool that will help you to get your ideas out of your head, gain clear understanding on what needs to be done, and be able to action it successfully.
For ease, speed, efficiency,value and confidentiality , Mindgenius is routinely used as a business tool for each client. It allows speedy assimiliation of ideas, issues and solutions which can be exported into a suite of desktop applications. The most recent development is output into Gantt charts to facilitate project management.

It allows me to give you power over your existing probably disparate evidence base and adding the considerable value of my own 'Head Intelligence' mindmaps

“MindGenius is a brilliant means of capturing creativity and organising activity. The ability to produce free-flowing PowerPoint presentations from raw thoughts at a click is liberating!”

Kaarin Goodburn, MBE. Secretary General, Chilled Foods Association .


Building on any Foundation, benefits of improved cost -efficiency, value and true assurance can be achieved.

Head Space is a management performance assessment to give you peace of mind that your business is running safely and efficiently with any risks that are calculated and right by design , not left to chance.

This is very distinct from a typical compliance audit and adopts the form of a risk identification process to:
1) Identify any risk gaps and vulnerabilities in key potential business weaknesses.
2)Recommendation and/or implementation of solutions;
3) Recommendations for more cost effective solutions
4) Stop the Head Aches & Pains

  • Head Aches & Pains

Compliance may be your ticket to trade, but it won’t stop the crash when systems crack and collapse under pressure. You may struggle with persistent or intermittent quality issues, near-misses with no apparent root cause or everything may have seemed fine until the crisis struck.

Checklists are no substitute for experience – a carte blanche approach to troubleshooting is required. A fresh pair of eyes and a nose for rooting out problems, Head Consultancy has a strong track record in providing remedies for curing headaches & pains, otherwise invisible to the business.


  • Head Intelligence

The influences and pressures on change are ever increasing in breadth and complexity.
Maintaining the status quo can be difficult enough , particularly in the harsh reality of the current global financial climate.
How is your business proposing to provide evidence for what you do and meet new and diverse challenges and take best of the opportunities that they offer?

A number of electronic mindmaps are maintained routinely using MindGenius to capture the latest information by subject. Aren't you fed up with a stream of lists of information from different sources, saying the same thing, without a mechanism to retain and grow the information?

1) Evidence Base: A knowledge base of evidence has been developed and is maintained using an electronic mindmapping tool, to capture the latest developments from multiple sources across diverse disciplines. This provides total visibility of supporting evidence available at your fingertips.
2) Horizon Scanning: A knowledge base of international and national horizon scanning tools is available for customisation according to your product range and business development requiremements.
3) Bespoke technical reports can be generated from these and other mindmaps to keep you up to date and in front of the competition.

  • Laboratory Selection:

    Compliance to EN17025 is only a starting point. As with certified systems for manufacturing, certification may give you assurance, but not necessarily confidence. Business systems have historically failed over weaknesses in communication of laboratory results.

    [Quote from Dr. Chris Bell:' Your contract laboratory is a crucial cog in your quality assurance machine. One day you may be relying on your choice to defend you in court!'
    IFST - International Food Hygiene - Volume 13 Number 2.p.17-20.(circa 1985)]

    Quote: Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.
    Louis Pasteur
    French biologist & bacteriologist (1822 - 1895)

    Quote: Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.
    Bertrand Russell
    British author, mathematician, & philosopher (1872 - 1970)

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